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Did you know?
Did you know?

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Cut your grass! Cut your grass!
Rent or Buy?

Rent or Buy?

Dream of Home Ownership

Rent or Buy?
Rent or Buy?

Suffering from #FOMO?

Rent or Buy?

Download Apps

Rent or Buy?

Start Hunting

Rent or Buy?

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Rent or Buy?

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Rent or Buy?


Rent or Buy?

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Rent or Buy?


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The Guide to Homeownership


There’s a lot to know when it comes to buying your first home but the NC Housing Finance Agency is here for you every step of the way. Journey through our “Guide to Home Ownership” to learn how to make the home buying process as easy, efficient and exciting as possible.


Receive renewal notice.
Lease is up in 3 months

There are many reasons why buying instead of renting might be the best option for you. Check out this infographic to help you make an informed decision.


Dream of home ownership.
Spend the weekend watching HGTV.

There are lots of myths when it comes to home buying so we’ve rounded up the top five for first-time home buyers. Click here to see which myths we’ve busted.


Your best friend buys a house.
Suffer from serious #FOMO.

Watch this quick video to find out how home ownership may be possible for you!


Download apps for house hunting.

Finding the best mortgage requires a little time and effort, but the NC Housing Finance Agency can help you get educated on what you need to know to get a home mortgage that you can afford. Check this out!


Grab a venti coffee.
Spend the day at open houses.

You have spent endless hours searching for the right house in the right neighborhood. But have you found the right lender?


Lunch Break.
Window shopping at local furniture store.

Understanding the basics of your credit score can help you to have the upper hand in loan negotiations. Click here to learn the basics of your credit score.


Take a night off from house hunting.
Trivia night with friends.

Mortgage lingo can be complicated. Brush up on the most common terms here.


Create new #HouseGoals Pinterest board.

A great way to decrease your stress when applying for a mortgage is to understand what expenses will be coming your way. Click here for a list of expenses to prepare for as you continue your home buying journey.


Spend Saturday with your real estate agent.
Find the perfect house.

Time to make an offer. However, not all offers are created equal. Consider these top 4 tips to help you make an offer that is almost guaranteed to be accepted.


Your offer is accepted.
Next level of #adulting achieved!

Check out the top 5 ways to prepare for closing to help the big day go off without a hitch and get moved into your new home as quickly and easily as possible.

NC Home Advantage

Welcome Home!

Once you’ve unpacked, take a few minutes to make sure you know the 7 basic skills every homeowner should have.

Learn more about home buying and how our mortgage products can help you get there.

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